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Crazy Time Stats

Crazy Time Stats

Latest Crazy Time Spins

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Host name: Alise

Crazy Time Spins History

Date Slot Result Spin Result Payout Winners Top winner
24 Feb 06:18
SlotResult Pachinko 3x
SpinResult 2 2x
£7,102 3624 Sup... | £517
24 Feb 06:17
SlotResult 1 3x
SpinResult 2 2x
£9,033 3411 SAI... | £2,524
24 Feb 06:16
SlotResult Pachinko 3x
SpinResult 1 1x
£6,350 3400 99 | £720
24 Feb 06:15
SlotResult Pachinko 3x
SpinResult CrazyBonus
10x 15x 30x
£4,864 2615 Sup... | £463
24 Feb 06:13
SlotResult CashHunt 7x
SpinResult 1 1x
£4,864 2615 Sup... | £463
24 Feb 06:13
SlotResult CrazyBonus 3x
SpinResult 1 1x
£4,864 2615 Sup... | £463
24 Feb 06:12
SlotResult Pachinko 10x
SpinResult 2 2x
£7,311 3194 can... | £525
24 Feb 06:11
SlotResult CoinFlip 3x
SpinResult 1 1x
£4,688 3011 Sup... | £463
24 Feb 06:10
SlotResult CrazyBonus 3x
SpinResult 1 1x
£4,986 3170 Sup... | £463
24 Feb 06:09
SlotResult CrazyBonus 3x
SpinResult 1 1x
£5,479 3424 Sup... | £421
24 Feb 06:09
SlotResult CashHunt 2x
SpinResult 1 1x
£7,423 3526 123... | £1,847
24 Feb 06:08
SlotResult CoinFlip 2x
SpinResult 1 1x
£6,342 3584 123... | £923
24 Feb 06:07
SlotResult CrazyBonus 2x
SpinResult 2 2x
£11,077 4134 123... | £1,385
24 Feb 06:06
SlotResult 1 4x
SpinResult 1 1x
£5,731 3836 Sup... | £421
24 Feb 06:06
SlotResult 1 4x
SpinResult Pachinko 7x
£25,130 6215 Jue... | £2,000
24 Feb 06:04
SlotResult 1 3x
SpinResult Pachinko 15x
£55,268 6375 ,ησ... | £4,000
24 Feb 06:02
SlotResult 1 3x
SpinResult 1 3x
£9,757 3010 Sup... | £841
24 Feb 06:01
SlotResult 5 7x
SpinResult 1 1x
£4,744 3041 Sup... | £421
24 Feb 06:01
SlotResult CashHunt 7x
SpinResult 1 1x
£5,233 3257 Sup... | £421
24 Feb 06:00
SlotResult CashHunt 7x
SpinResult 2 2x
£12,880 3850 Jue... | £6,000

Crazy Time Live Statistics

Crazy Time Stats is your number one website to find out all the latest Crazy Time statistics and results for the hugely popular game Crazy Time and other live casino games, pulled together by a bunch of guys who want to show you what’s happening in real time! With a live video feed so you can watch the game as it unfolds along with a live Crazy Time tracker of the results, you are able to see all the lucky winners. Crazy Time Stats leaves no stone unturned as we provide live streams and results for all the most popular games.

Live Video Feed

Crazy Time is one of the most popular live casino games at present, but many players want to know when a payout is overdue or when the latest lucky streak has started. With a constant live feed to the game, you can see for yourself what is happening at any given time, leaving the decision of whether to join in or sit it out completely up to you.

At Crazy Time Stats, we’d love to guarantee all of you a huge win, but that’s just not possible. What we can do is give you all the data to help you make the best decisions you can, hopefully landing a big windfall in the meantime.

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming, combining traditional casino games like roulette and elements of popular TV game shows like ‘The Big Wheel’ on the Price is Right to create a state-of-the-art interactive game show, filled with lucrative bonus rounds.

Players can place their bets on the outcome of a spin of the wheel, choosing one of either 4 possible numbers, or 4 possible bonuses. The numbered segments include 1, 2, 5 and 10 and they each pay their respective amounts, changing only when a multiplier is drawn. The remaining 4 segments of Crazy Time are all bonus rounds including Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and the main feature, the Crazy Time Bonus, with the possibility to win over 20,000x your initial bet.

Crazy Time Wheel

Crazy Time FAQ

How to win big on Crazy Time?

While there is no individual way to win big on Crazy Time, landing a top slot multiplier (2x to 50x) on a bonus round is a good way to win big.

How does Crazy Time work?

Crazy Time is a live casino game show that works by spinning a large wheel, filled with 8 different segments. Four of these are multipliers, four of these are bonus rounds. When the wheel stops, the corresponding segment reveals whether the game will end, or whether a bonus round will begin.

How to beat Crazy Time?

While there are many ‘suggested’ strategies to increase your wins on Crazy Time, there are no certain ways to do so (why do you think we’re still here). Use our feed above however, to see when a win is ‘overdue’ for your best opportunity to succeed.

How to bet on Crazy Time?

You can choose to bet on one of the 8 different sections of the board. These include 1, 2, 5, 10, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko and the Crazy Time Bonus itself.

Do you have to bet a lot to win at Crazy Time?

Crazy Time offers the chance for huge top slot multipliers to deliver big wins from even the smallest of initial bets, so any bet amount could land a decent pay day.

Where is the Crazy Time studio located?

The Crazy Time studio is located in Latvia, incorporated in the main Evolution Gaming live studios.

Does the Crazy Time wheel have brakes?

While we are pretty certain the Crazy Time wheel doesn’t have brakes on it, we are on the look out for small leprechauns who could be slowing it down out of camera sight.

What is the Biggest Win?

While it is hard to validate the biggest Crazy Time wins in history, in January 2022, a 12,500x was reported on Cash Hunt when a 25x top slot multiplier was active with the largest number on the board being the 500x. This presented a win potential of 12,500x your stake, meaning anyone who had bet £10 and selected right, could have walked away with £125,010, including their original stake returned.

Where can I play Crazy Time?

As one of the most popular game show titles that online casinos have to offer, almost every casino featuring Evolution games include it in their sites. With so many different options to choose from, since the game payouts are indifferent to which casino you choose, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite online casinos, that are both reputable and offer a good bonus to get your started. They all have prompt customer service and fast cash-out times. Check out our list below:

Top Crazy Time Casinos

  • 21casino Logo
    United Kingdom flag

    21 Casino
    9.6 rating

    It’s not hard to see why industry behemoth White Hat Gaming are proud to be the name behind the fantastic UK gaming site, 21 Casino. Packed with a whole heap of leading online casino games and a tantalising welcome bonus to boost their allure to new players of all playing habits, you’re missing out if you haven’t yet taken a peek at what they have to offer. Read more

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    Slotnite casino packs in both an alluring game experience and a safe and welcoming place to try. Whether it’s their leading partnerships with casino game providers, their brilliant online promotions or just their speedy deposit and withdrawal methods, it's worth giving them a try. Read more

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Crazy Time Bonuses

Here is a brief description of the 4 different bonus rounds in Crazy Time.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

The Coin Flip Bonus round offers players the chance to win multipliers by choosing between two options (Red or Blue) and then watching as a coin flip determines the outcome. The player has the chance to either multiply their winnings between 2x and 5,000x, combining different multipliers to achieve the top wins.

Crazy Time Coin Flip

Cash Hunt Bonus Round

In the Cash Hunt Bonus round, players shoot a cannon at one of the 108 available squares, with various symbols ranging from a cupcake to a rubber duck. As the squares are revealed, under the symbols lies a multiplier, ranging from 5x to 25,000x, combining various multipliers to hit the top wins.

Crazy Time Cash Hunt

Pachinko Bonus Round

In the Pachinko Bonus round, players are presented with a pinball-style board and have the chance to drop a puck onto it to win multipliers. The game show host drops the puck, which bounces off different pegs on the game board, offering players the chance to win increasing payouts based on where it lands. Potential wins can range from 2x to 10,000x, using different multipliers to raise this up.

Crazy Time Pachinko

Crazy Time Bonus Round

The Crazy Time Bonus round is the game's most lucrative one, where players spin a giant wheel to win multipliers. The wheel is divided into various segments with different multipliers, which if hit right, can offer players potentially massive payouts, depending on if they land on the right segment. The potential payout is theoretically unlimited, however most online casinos cap it at £500,000 and the biggest multiplier to date was over 5,000x in this bonus.

Crazy Time Bonus

Each of the different bonus rounds adds an exciting element to the overall gaming experience of Crazy Time, leaving players with the potential to win huge payouts. Offering four unique and entertainingly different bonus rounds, Crazy Time is sure to keep players engaged and sitting on the edge of their seats.