Cash or Crash

Live video feed

It’s been just over two years since Evolution released the fantastic new game, Cash or Crash Live, and it shows no signs of slowing down in its’ fierce user popularity. Designed to be a simple and high-RTP game, Cash or Crash is a live casino game that is set ‘inside a blimp’ according to its’ creators, featuring a 20-step ladder which players can climb up to get bigger payouts and prizes, up to a maximum of 50,000x. So without further ado, let’s see why players love this so much.

How to Play

Just like a game of bingo, balls are spun round a giant container and one of three different colour balls are drawn. There are 28 balls in total: 19 Green, 8 Red and 1 Gold, and here are what they do.

  • A green ball allows the game to continue and you move up the ladder

  • A red ball means you crash and lose your winnings.

  • A gold ball gives you a shield to survive the next red ball drawn and increases the payouts.

Everytime another green ball is drawn, you will be given three different options that you can choose from. You can either:

  • Continue: This leaves your winnings in the game and continues as normal

  • Take Half: This cashes out 50% of your winnings and continues with the remaining 50

  • Take All: This ends the game and cashes out all of your winnings to your main balance

Should you continue, the payout levels for all 20 rungs are listed below, both without a gold ball being drawn or broken, and with a gold ball having been drawn and the shield subsequently broken.

Cash Or Crash Paytable


Cash or Crash Live has one of the largest RTP’s of all games, offering a staggering 94.51% to 99.59% depending on whether a gold ball has been drawn. While some critics have been quick to point out that the game, much like a traditional form of bingo, is entirely subject to chance, the same can be said for almost all slot machines and many live casino games, but the incredible attention to detail in the graphics and the friendly live casino host, more than makes the game a worthwhile one to check out.             

Live Feed and Stats

Before you get stuck in to the game, you might want to check out our dedicated Cash or Crash Live Feed at the top of the page or the Cash or Crash statistics below. While these are purely for informational and entertainment purposes, they could give an indication to hot and cold streaks, or at the very least, show you what all the fuss is about.


When it comes to Evolution, there are very few mistakes and Cash or Crash live certainly isn’t one of them. With one of the largest potential RTP’s of all live casino games and a super friendly live casino host there to keep you enthralled in the game itself, those who have already checked it out will tell you just how fun it can be. From the luminous balls being drawn to the excitement that a gold ball popping up can yield, this game is definitely worth trying if you haven’t already. Why not check out some of our featured live casinos that offer this latest Evolution stunner down below.