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Monopoly Live is one of the most prominent live casino games around. Our Monopoly Live Stats feed shows you everything that is happening in real time, allowing you to feel part of the game without the need to join in yourself. Of course, if you spot an opportunity or see a lucky streak unfolding, we have plenty of recommendations of where to play Monopoly Live that you can check out below.

What is Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live, from Evolution Gaming, is a revolutionary live dealer casino game combining all the fun of the original Monopoly series, alongside the excitement of a live game show. Place your bets, wait for the dealer to spin the Monopoly Live wheel and hope it lands on one of the bonus rounds. With multipliers over 100x your bet up for grabs, not to mention the infamous Monopoly board bonus round, you never know what you might win with each spin of the Monopoly Wheel.

Monopoly Live Wheel

When it comes to placing your bet, there are six places to choose from. Numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 make up your standard multipliers, with Chance and Dice Rolls as the two bonus options listed below.

Monopoly Live Results Feed

When it comes to the Monopoly Live casino game, getting to watch the action as it unfurls on our live tracker feed can help you decide whether to get involved or wait patiently. Don't forget to make use of our Monopoly Live statistics to see if you spot a hot streak and review the biggest Monopoly Live wins that have happened before.

Monopoly Live Bonuses

Here is a brief description of the 2 different bonus rounds in Monopoly Live.

Chance Bonus Round

In the Chance Bonus round, you stand a chance of either multiplying your total bet as an instant cash prize, or landing a monopoly wheel multiplier where every segment on the wheel is multiplied by the revealed number. This is applied to the next spin of the wheel and expires once this has taken place. Should the wheel land on another Chance, the same rules apply and further prizes or multipliers can be achieved.

Monopoly Live Chance

Two/Four Rolls Bonus Round

When it comes to the Dice Rolls Bonus round, two segments of the wheel make up our next shared bonus, offering either 2 spins or 4 spins on the Monopoly Live board. Just like your traditional game of monopoly, with a little spin on it, Mr Monopoly walks round the board based on the roll of the dice, where doubles still offer an extra roll. Avoid the jail and make it all the way to Mayfair to get the biggest prize on the board. Rather than collecting additional money when you pass Go, all multipliers are doubled and the prizes keep getting bigger.

 Both of the bonus rounds give players the chance to win huge payouts, with luck being the deciding factor as always. You could say that the ultimate win would be to land a 10x multiplier on Chance, before hitting a four rolls bonus round, meaning every win on the board is multiplied by 10.

Monopoly Live Bonus

What is the Biggest Win?

While it is hard to discover the biggest win to date, a reported 4,500x win was reported, meaning anyone who had put a £10 bet down, would have walked with a whopping £45,000. This was down to an epic amount of luck, with consecutive chances achieved before a four roll of the dice landed on the wheel. Although this may prove to have been a once-in-a-lifetime circumstance, never say never when it comes to the Monopoly Live casino game.

Where can I play Monopoly Live?

With the popularity of Monopoly Live being as big as it is, most major online casinos have included it in their featured games. Since Evolution Gaming is partnered with hundreds of different sites, you will be hard pressed to find a decent gaming site that doesn’t showcase it. Rather than make you sift through all the options yourself, we’ve pulled together a list of the most reputable ones, that offer a decent bonus to get your started. Check out our list below:

Top Monopoly Live Casinos

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    21 Casino
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    LeoVegas has fast become one of the leading online casinos in the UK, notorious for their lion mascot and their huge selection of games. While the UK is extremely saturated with so many different casino sites, we wanted to tell you a little bit about why we think LeoVegas is one to watch and how their stellar customer service and market-leading bonuses have made it such a popular choice. Read more

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